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Cabin Air Filter Replacement At Griesbach Auto Service INC.

Cabin Air Filter

Let's talk about cabin air filters. There seems to be some confusion about them among Weston that we should be able to clear up. Much of the confusion starts because cabin air filters are relatively new. Not all vehicles in WI have them, so some Weston folks confuse their cabin air filter with the engine air filter.

Every vehicle has an engine air filter that cleans the air going into the engine, but not all have a cabin air filter that cleans the air going into the passenger compartment. It's easy to get mixed up.

The cabin air filter cleans out dust, pollen, spores and other pollutants. To give a point of comparison, a grain of sand is about 200 microns across. A cabin air filter can stop particles that are just 3 microns in size. It really does make the vehicle passenger cabin a much more pleasant environment.

When the cabin air filter gets dirty, Weston and Wausau drivers just need to replace it. Your owner's manual may have a recommended interval for changing it. If not we can inspect it at Griesbach Auto Service INC. in Weston or Wausau. You know, it's ironic that many and Weston and Wausau people who don't realize they even have a cabin air filter first find out they do when it starts to get smelly.

Some vehicle cabin air filters are very easy to access when it's time to replace them. Others, not so much. Your friendly and knowledgeable Griesbach Auto Service INC. Technician may have to get behind the dashboard, and it takes some time.

A clean cabin air filter keeps out smogallergens and other harmful pollutants. If it's time, get it changed right away.

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Show Me the Door?

(Vehicle Door Issues)

Of all the parts of a vehicle we take for granted, the doors must be near the top of the list.  We open them to get in, lock them, and use the rear child locks to keep the kids safe.  But what in the world happens when you can't open or close one or more of your vehicle's doors?  

Let's say you get to your destination and go to shut the door and it just won't latch closed. Now you have a problem.  You can't lock the vehicle. And when you go to drive it, it's unsafe.  The problem could be several things.  You could have a stuck latch, door alignment problems, a handle malfunction, or electrical issues.  Maybe freezing weather is the culprit.

Now, what happens when the door won't open?  That is not only inconvenient; it's a safety issue. If you're in an accident, you must be able to get out of the vehicle quickly. You may have a bent latch; the lock may be broken, or corrosion may have rusted the mechanism.

Needless to say, this is a difficult situation.  There are so many different reasons vehicle doors get stuck; this is a repair to take to Griesbach Auto Service in Weston or Wausau. So many times, people will try a do-it-yourself fix and wind up causing more damage.

If the problem is a door that's stuck open, the safe way to get it to the repair facility is to have it towed.  Some people will try to bungee or strap the door closed and drive slowly on back streets, but that can be dangerous.  If it's stuck closed, hopefully, it's only one door, and there's another door that allows you entry, so you can climb in the driver's seat and head to the repair facility. 

Doors get used hundreds of times a year, so it's not surprising they can develop problems. To have the best chance of not having this happen to you is to maintain your doors like you do the rest of your vehicle.  Door locks, hinges, and latches should be regularly lubricated.  Make sure your locks are kept clean.  Since a lot of locks are now electronic, know how to use the mechanical lock in case the power fails in your key fob or vehicle.  Have your Griesbach Auto Service technician make sure latches are lined up, and the doors aren't sagging. 

Griesbach Auto Service INC.
5910 Mesker Street   4302 Stewart Ave
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