Your Vehicle's Suspension in Weston, Wausau, Schofield, Rothschild WI

Your Vehicle's Suspension

Suspension systems should continue to operate effectively for many years and over long distances, holding your tires’ footprint on the road.  Eventually, components do wear out, but how long that takes depends a lot on how you drive in Schofield, Weston, Wausau, and Rothschild WI.

As you can imagine, if most of your driving is on smooth Weston, WI, highways, your shock absorbers will last a lot longer than if you do most of your driving on bumpy Weston, Schofield roads or hauling heavy loads.  In addition to just wearing out, suspension components can be damaged in an accident or by a hard impact – like hitting a pothole, a curb or a rock in the road.

Because the life span of shocks can vary so widely, your vehicle manufacturer recommends periodic inspections.  During an inspection, your Griesbach Auto Service INC. service technician will check for worn, broken or missing suspension parts.

If the inspection reveals any problems, take care of this important safety and handling work.  When you replace your shocks/struts, it’s usually a good idea to replace all four at the same time.  That’ll give you even handling at all four corners of the vehicle. 

If you have special road handling needs like improved cornering or towing or hauling requirements, your Griesbach Auto Service INC. service advisor can recommend an upgraded shock or strut to get you what you want.

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